A mobile based application to provide baby care information to mothers Thesis uri icon


  • After nine months of carrying a baby and the challenges that come with pregnancy, a mother's joy becomes true when she gives birth to a healthy baby. Though delivery of a baby is a difficult moment, a mother should ensure that her new born survives. This can only be assured by knowing how to take care of her baby for example, ensure the umbilical cord is well cleaned so as not to be infected among other safety measures. Although doctors assure mothers and give them advice on how to take care of their child, most have questions that they prefer asking their friends who are mothers or buying locally available Baby magazines, books and Newspapers but with the high cost of living this has become very expensive to most mothers. A mobile application, Baby World was developed to provide information to mothers. The application gives information such as how to recognize symptoms on a baby, a list of hospitals she can visit when her child becomes sick, shops to buy baby supplies and recommended nannies and day care centres. It also allows users to share challenges they face when taking care of their babies and other users can answer and give solutions to such problems. Qualitative and quantitative data collection methods were used with the researcher using questionnaires and focus group discussions to collect the data after testing the application with 103 respondents who were mothers. The research findings show that after using the application, 85% of the 103 respondents were very satisfied in using the application as it was very easy to use. It also offered them a convenient, cheap way of accessing the information especially what they urgently needed. 80% of the users said they would highly recommend the application to others mothers sot that they would easily access baby care information. The users also made a few recommendations to the features they would like added to make the user experience even much better. The application has a high potential of growth as the modern mother wants such vital information at their fingertips.