Converged network access solution for mass network connections : case of Last Mile Networks Thesis uri icon


  • In current network access, customer premises equipment (CPEs) connect to a single network option at a time, the CPEs operate based on established connections. Although telecommunication companies have designed and established various last mile networks, limitations of the access lines has been the major impediment to the end user. ISPs last mile infrastructure that is based on per user connectivity has proved to be very expensive and only minimal connections have been established, another major limitation is the creation of a single point of failure with no failover techniques to enhance availability of network resources. A critical key to support mass network connection is therefore a converged network access module. It is vital to build the access module as a fundamental resource in enabling mass network connectivity. Since a converged network access module will enable mass network connectivity, accurate methods for network access technology data collection must be used to help evaluate those measures that are already in place. This study explores kenya’s communication infrastructure and proposes a converged network access solution that would address kenya’s last mile network connectivity challenges, that traditionaly had hindered mass network connectivity, and denied millions of users access to networked/internet services. Converged network access invention relates to a multiservice platform which allows a plurality of CPEs accesing any services provided by a plurality of service providers which may utilize any of the plurality of telecommunication networks. For the purposes of this study and due to the difficulty of accessing relevant parties : ISPs and modifying platforms to meet the requirements of the proposed system, a mobile based application prototype is implemented on the android platform. The prototype captures information for connected established link only, further research is to be done to develop a complete system. In conclusion this paper examines the mix of technical, regulatory, and business strategy issues that arise if one contemplates implementing the converged network access solution.

publication date

  • 2014