An information management tool for project monitoring : a case of humanitarian organizations Thesis uri icon


  • The study aimed at solving the gap existing for improved monitoring and reporting processes due to lack of an ICT application, designed to depict the project implementation plan utilized in humanitarian organizations. This leads to less information captured on the project progress and thus future decisions are difficult to handle leading to minimal accountability risks and less transparency on project outcomes. The descriptive research methodology was used in tackling the problem identified which provided a means to statistically analyze the responses obtained and graphical representations of the data collection was carried out. A review of the project implementation and monitoring methodologies used was done, including an assessment of current architectures and ICT applications supporting monitoring of project activities and what features were lacking to improve the monitoring mechanisms. In view of this a conceptual framework for common approach of a web based information management application was designed and utilized to develop the prototype tool. The outcome of this study was thus a solution of a web-based information management tool for project monitoring. This brought about improved reporting and collaboration of project team members for better implementation and defined outcomes to improve decisions when it was implemented as a case study. Results of the study provided clear detailed information of this gap in project monitoring to allow users to collaborate and share project information for improved project outcomes and informed decision making especially during the project implementation period. Hence it is concluded that the prototype tool can be utilized in humanitarian organizations that would require improvement in their project monitoring and reporting mechanisms.