Creating business value with information technology in tourism sector Thesis uri icon


  • Information Technology deployments and automation in organizations are often associated with many factors in consideration in order to determine whether they will assist the organization realize business value. Especially, tourism players in Kenya have not fully benefited from the value created by deploying Information Technology in the organization. The purpose of this research is to determine which organizational processes and procedures are candidates for automation in order to achieve business value in an organization. A concept to support the research will be derived from these processes and procedures which will form a framework that can be applied across the organization to achieve business value.This research addresses a perpetual problem that faces organizations in tourism of how to improve business value created by Information Technology. The research examines the current organizational workflow of the processes and procedures for various organizations in an approach that clearly shows the inefficiencies created. The objectives are to assist tour operators in Kenya to achieve business value created by the implementation of IT both to the organization and to contribute to the development of frameworks in academic research targeting IT business value. In management, business value is the intangible value in a business, above the value of its tangible assets. This research conducted a workflow examination on various organizations in the tourism sector, and the findings/results have revealed that majority of the manual processes in the organization can be automated to achieve the objectives of this research. An IT framework/model is proposed to aid the translation of these processes into business value namely improved tum-around time, availability of accurate and useful information, effective utilization of organizational resources, efficient organizational processes, improved performance and being competitive. The proposed framework/model in this research combines these model components in an input output procedure ensuring all aspects of the organization have been considered in order to achieve IT business value as the result. The model details the main components, sub-components, effects of presence, absence, outputs and measurement metrics that determines the overall effect of achieving IT business value if an organization adopts the model.