Teacher level of interaction with learners based on classroom seating position Academic Article uri icon


  • From experience, I have noted that in most classrooms teachers tend to nominate either high ability or extrovert students to speak, hence, the same students tend to participate most of the time. This research aimed at determining if teacher level of interaction with learners is based on students’ seating position. I conducted the research and had ten hours of observation of English language lessons in selected secondary schools in Nairobi between March and November 2012. The findings indicate that the number of contributions from each learner was linked to the classroom seating. I also found that the teacher should give positive reinforcement to the responses given by learners and encourage all students to be active. The study also confirmed that there must be a fair distribution of questions and feedback directed to all students despite their seating position to result in an all inclusive/equal participation.

publication date

  • 2014


  •  Seating position
  • Learners
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