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  • Communication has received a major boost from technology and it is very easy to send and receive messages, example by use of SMS, email and social media. Even with these advancements the post office has managed to still be in the market, it is still delivering millions of letters. The letter sending process has had to face a lot of challenges, these ranges from lost letters, and undelivered letters due to difficulty in reading the letter details, mail redirecting and many more, therefore there is a need to improve the services that the post office is offering. This can be achieved by integrating technology into the process to make it effective and reliable. The study used qualitative and quantitative methods to collect data, both because there was need to get a deeper understand into how the Postal Corporation works in order to understand their letter sending process and how well the application would slot into their operations and improve them. It also sought to help see the number of their customers who thought having a mobile application would help solve the challenges faced. 60 % of the sample population thought having technology would greatly enhance the letter sending process, most of the users even preferring to pay a premium for monthly updates. During development the study used agile methodology as it was more flexible to changing requirements of the users, it helped to go back to the designs and the system specifications and change them according to the needs that were recognised. The users were more involved in the development of the application in this methodology this led to easy acceptability if the application as they felt like they were a part of it. The application was tested by the developer during development to make sure that the functionalities were working well then the results document any errors or bugs found at this were corrected immediately, the users were then given the application and a testing was done. The feedback was positive which shows the application will be of use the majority of the mailbox owners. There were a few challenges that came up regarding the application, the users require Android phones to be able to run the application and the phones must have auto focus to be able to read the QR codes in the letters.

publication date

  • 2015