Effort & achievement of two decades of business ethics teaching and research in Africa with a special reference to Kenya Academic Article uri icon


  • This paper makes an overview of the efforts and achievements gained in ethics research and teaching in the last two decades by different stakeholders. These include some philosophical inquiries regarding the existence of and the concept of ethics and the moral character in Africa, the debate regarding the opinion that a viable business ethics for Africa would have to take into consideration the general African cultures and practices, and the efforts gained so far in the ethics and corporate governance. The paper also looks at the efforts and gains made towards entrenching a value system in Kenya by a broad array of stakeholders, from government, private sector, civil society and academia. In conclusion, the paper proposes that in order to imbue a more rationalized understanding of why it makes good sense to observe ethics in business and public life, there is need for education based on the idea of general human good and universal human dignity.

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  • 2016


  • Business ethics
  • Efforts and Achivements
  • Kenya

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