Inter-shift mobile application: case of Kenyatta national hospital Thesis uri icon


  • Ensuring continuity of patient healthcare IS very important III all healthcare institutions. The communication process between nurses in passing down information upon completion of each and every shift plays a key role in ensuring patient care is maintained. Inter-shift reports are therefore used by nurses across the world to communicate information about patients. Despite the key role played by inter-shift reports, little attention has been given especially when it comes to automating or computerizing this process. Ineffective inter-shift reports can lead to risks in patient healthcare and even death III some cases. Inefficiencies can be as a result of omission of information, unstandardized reports, inaccuracy and illegibility. The purpose of this research was to provide a mobile technology solution to the problems mentioned using a case of Kenyatta National Hospital. The research undertaken was applied research study which used a mixed method approach. Literature review, open and closed ended questionnaires, focus groups and observation of handover processes were used to develop an efficient handover process. Participants who took part in the study included 67 nurses from oncology ward, pediatric ward, maternity ward, orthopedic ward and a few chosen. Results from the survey identified weaknesses in the current handover process which are discussed in detail in this research. In addition, results indicated it was clear that the nurses could benefit from the use of an automated handover system in which identified problems can be solved. Therefore, a prototype inter-shift mobile application was developed that was simple, intuitive and user friendly, in attempt to solve the issues facing handover process.