Context-Aware VoIP Using Dynamic Bandwidth and User Priority Allocations Conference Paper uri icon


  • Crisis management which involves elimination of technological failures caused by unpredicted events is a priority for most organizations. Crisis situations caused by disastrous events such as earthquakes, fires, and terrorist bombs may result in an increase in the number of calls on a VoIP service provider’s network. For a VoIP service provider managing such crisis situations involve availing the required network resources and ensuring good quality of service is delivered to the personnel involved. In this paper we present a context-aware service, which enables VoIP networks to dynamically allocate network bandwidth and user priority levels during emergency or crisis situations. The service monitors the network, computes context, and dynamically reduces the bandwidth allocated to non-privileged users based on the upsurge of traffic from the privileged users. Also, the privileged user priority levels are dynamically assigned based on the kind of rescue personnel on high demand.

publication date

  • 2009