Appraisal of Marist education in the light of Patristic education Academic Article uri icon


  • The Study evaluated the Marist Brother Lecturer and the Marist Student in Marist International University College, Karen, Nairobi in the light of the Education founded on Christian principles by Jesus Christ and expounded by the early Church Fathers. The Researchers tried to find out the attitude of both Marist Brother Lecturer and Marist Student towards Marist Education. The Study adopted a Convergent Parallel Mixed Methods Design. It specifically used Cross-Sectional Survey Design and Investigator Triangulation to collect data. The Sample Size of the Study consisted of 54 Students and 8 Marist Brothers Lecturers totalling to 62 Respondents from the Department of Education. A 25 item Likert Scale questionnaire, In-depth Interview Guide and Observation were used to collect both quantitative and qualitative data. The result of the Study revealed that both the Marist Brother Lecturer and Marist Student have positive attitude towards Marist Education and that there is a significant positive relationship between a Marist Brother Lecturer and a Marist Student. The Study therefore concluded that Marist Education in the light of Patristic Education is qualitative, holistic and value oriented. Also, that both the Marist Educator and the Marist Student benefit a lot from Marist Education and it helps them to be focused in transforming the Society drawing from the Christian principles they learnt from Christ, the Great Teacher and the Church Fathers. Educationally, this implies that in order to preserve the holistic nature of Marist Education, it must continue to excel towards informing, forming and transforming the Educand

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