Relevance of usability to development of cellular technology Conference Paper uri icon


  • The project sought to analyze usability of mobile technology.It drew to attention previously overlooked factors that are key to realizing a practical effective technology based on the needs of the user end.The project analyzed 120 professionals through use of questionnaire.The population was split equally to cover both practitioners in the private and public sectors.Data was gathered through purposive sampling which which entailed identification of information technology professionals in both the private and public sectors. The data was presented through the use of charts and tables.The likert scale and ANOVA were used to analysed the data gathered.The data touched on perceived usability, perceived ease of use, subjective norm and intent of future use of the particular technology.These factors were hypothesized to have an effect on the use and adoption of mobile technologies. The frame work was based on the integrated technology acceptance model which informed both the hypothesis and the proposed adoption model. From the data gathered and analyzed the proposed analytical mobile technology acceptance model was informed.This model akin to the technology acceptance model theorized that perceived usability, perceived ease of use and perceived compatibility drive the intent to adopt and use mobile technology ultimately impacting overt behaviour in kind.Thus other factors such as economic and organizational support are theorized to be auxiliary factors.Further, Nokia has a significant advantage in terms of brand, closely followed by Motorola the third Samsung. Majority of those surveyed, 65% alluded to having owned phones prior to actually purchasing their current sets of phones As regards the private sector friends at 17.24% were the greatest influencers. Newspapers and the internet tied at 12.06% for second and third.That most users have at least owned a mobile phone over the past 12 months, and secondly followed by persons who have owned two phones over the same period.The research further recommended that the key methodologies be further analyzed to improve their accuracy.

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  • 2009