Value addition of mobile telephony: a case of Kenyan banks. Thesis uri icon


  • Mobile telephony is no longer an incomprehensible technology in this age. Banks have adopted this technology in line with their service offerings providing such services as checking balances from the mobile phone, bill payments, making cash deposits and cash transfers. The services that these banks provide require innovation and to be in line with customer needs. This dissertation sought to provide a framework that can improve the mobile service offerings for banking institutions. This was through the objectives that required to find out the current mobile technology practices, assessing the current mobile technology usage, identifying the gaps and the outcomes would assist in coming up with a framework to enhance mobile phone technology. A questionnaire was dispatched to various banks that have embraced mobile telephony technology in their services and they helped collect information on the value additions adopted by banks, identification of the gaps and collection of suggestions on how the current mobile services can be improved. Also secondary data was obtained to assist complete data collection. 35 banks responded to the questionnaire which guided the development of a framework. This framework was then implemented and validated where most banks revealed that the framework developed was relevant and useful to enhance the value of the current mobile telephony services the bank was offering.