E-government security: information security management model for public administration in Kenya Thesis uri icon


  • Information security in e-government in public administration in Kenya has not been adequately addressed. In order to develop an Information Security Management Model for Public Administration in Kenya, a questionnaire was used to gather data on e- government security, access control mechanisms used, presence of ICT policies, customers served, age and Internet use from 77 Public Administration employees from 24 Kenya Government ministries and agencies taking training programmes at Kenya Institute of Administration in August, 2009. The widely accepted ISACA's Business Model for Information Security and ISO/IEC 17799 Information Security Management Standard Model were used to derive the research theoretical framework. Cronbach internal consistency test on e-government services security construct of eight independent variables produced an alpha of 0,719. Logistic regression was used to test the null hypotheses. The preliminary findings indicate that e-govenment services are not secure. In government agencies where there is lCT/computer use policies, the public administration employees were in strong agreement that the e-government services were secure at X2(8, N = 77) = 18.249, P = 0.019, CI9s; and in government agencies where the citizens are considered as important customers, the public administration employees are also in strong agreement that the e-government services are secure at X\8, N = 77) = 18.082, P = 0.021, C19s. The study also found a significant relationship between age above 40 of the Public Administration employees and secure e-government services at /(8, N = 77) = 17.249, P =0.026, CI9s . The research did not find a significant relationship between the access control mechanisms and secure e-government services at X2(8, N = 77) = 12.812, P = 0.118, C19s. This study suggests that a combination of age of Public Administration employees and presence of computer lICT use policy can be used to enhance information security in Public Administration in Kenya. This study recommends further research on the contents and comprehensiveness of the ICT /Computer use policies currently existing within the Public Administration in Kenya.