A framework for the implementation of mobile computing in a university environment : a case study of Strathmore university Thesis uri icon


  • The adoption of mobile computing devices and technologies has increased tremendously over the last couple of years. This research in a) Investigates the different types of mobile devices that are commercially available. B) identifies factors affecting technology adoption and different models that have been developed to explain this adoption and c) defines a framework that can be used to guide Universities in the adoption of mobile computing technology. Building on technology and diffusion models, the research suggests a framework based on four factors namely ownership of a mobile device, features of a device, mobile connectivity and services available to mobile users. From the research, 98.2% of the student’s population own a mobile phone and 69.71% have owned their phones for more than three years. 9l7 % own a PDA while 42% own a laptop. The research investigates the inter-relations between the four factors – namely ownership features, connectivity and services. It shows that all the factors have relations except between ownership and connectivity. The research findings suggest that universities can build on these high levels of availability of mobile devices to extend services to their students.