Use of solar concentrators for steam generation in industrial processes Conference Paper uri icon


  • Steam plays a substantial role in several industrial processes and is usually required in significant amounts to enable continuous production in beverages, dairies, flower farms, and many other agro-processing industries. Currently, the predominant method for steam generation in such industries is by using furnace oil to fire boilers that generate the required steam. This technique has negative environmental and economical consequences, whose impact is felt especially in developing countries like Uganda. In order to become competitive both locally and internationally, there is need to develop a sustainable technology, which is economically viable, environmentally friendly and provides the steam requirements appropriate for the various industrial applications mentioned above. The solar technology will utilize the considerably high insolation of Uganda which is approximated at 157kWh/m2 per month. This insolation is ten times more than that in London and seven times more than that in Vienna or Berlin. This paper reports on the development of a solar water heater concentrator for use in industries in Uganda. The issues tackled in this work are: different reflective materials, heating fluids, the combination of hybrid flat collector-cumconcentrator, solar tracking possibilities versus static ones, heat power measurement and parabolic design, and economical viability study It is expected that this study, done in cooperation with Solar Construct (U), will create capacity to have this type of solar-powered water heater produced and utilized in Uganda to partially replace furnace oil boilers as a more economical alternative

publication date

  • 2005