A morphosyntactic analysis of mood in dholuo Thesis uri icon


  • Dholuo belongs to the Nilo-Saharan family of languages. The language group is divided into the Western, Eastern and Southern branches. It belongs to the Western Nilotic branch and some of the languages in this branch include Acholi, Lang’o, Alur, and Padhola. Speakers of these languages all migrated from their cradle land Sudan, and settled in Kenya and Uganda (Ochieng’, 1985). In the Western Nilotic group, only Dholuo speakers settled in Kenya and the Northern part of Tanzania. Cohen (1974) records that the Luo began to settle in the Nyanza region of Kenya between 1500-1550 A.D. Adhiambo (1981), states that the Luo people live in Kisumu, Siaya, Nyando, Rachuonyo, Homa-Bay and Migori districts of Kenya. At present speakers of Dholuo are found in most towns in Kenya.

publication date

  • 2004


  • Dholuo
  • Morphosyntactic