Systems integration: the disconnect and way forward through repository virtualization supporting business intelligence Review uri icon


  • This paper proposes a presentation-oriented virtualized approach that supports a modern process to merge existing data islands in organizations around the world that results to a merged virtual data repository. The authors explore a variety of data sources and finally present a uniform solution for the common cases. The solution consists of a transparent virtual repository that supports informational intelligence components. By using this approach we not only mask the differences in divergent data repositories but also provide a standard way to access enterprise-wide data. Security is provided through a twotier mechanism. The result is a single database that percolates and draws data residing in incoherent repositories alongside an intelligence layer. In real-time, there is a determination of the available data repositories. In conclusion, we expect users to exploit this platform and be free to filter information based on their requirements so as to come up with an informed judgment.

publication date

  • 2010