Towards integrated data repositories for improving enterprises-wide systems coherence Thesis uri icon


  • We propose a modern approach to merge data islands in organizations around the world through rounds of analysis, design and a final implementation of a merged virtual data repository. We proceed to explore the industry which is by all means flooded with a variety of data sources and thereby proceed to present a uniform solution for the common cases. The solution consists of a single transparent virtual data source, the logic as well as the informational intelligence implementations. This not only masks the differences in data sources but also provides a standard way to access enterprise-wide data. Security is provided through a two-tier mechanism supported by the provisions of the Open database Connectivity Standard. The result is a single database that percolates and draws data residing in incoherent repositories with an intelligence layer built at the topmost layer. In real-time, there is a determination of the available data repositories for merging and reporting tasks. This is expected to provide direction for future work to improve the information access process as well as positively affect future decisions regarding software acquisition. In conclusion, the ultimate outcome of the process is expected to provide a platform on which users are free to filter information based on their requirements so as to come up with an informed judgment. The informational access process can be overhauled without affecting the data with the intended goals being to improve transparency, timely access, higher flexibility and the benefits from additional system functionalities in data access.

publication date

  • 2010