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  • The purpose of this article is to give a brief bird’s eye view of L. Polo highlighting the motivation and originality of his philosophy. We do not intend to assess how original he was and whether his claims are accurate or not. That will require a longer and deeper study which goes beyond the limits of this article.  There are many good articles explaining the origin and development of Leonardo Polo’s philosophy: "(Selles Dauder, n.d.)", "(Corazón González, 2011)"}, "(Cruz - Cruz, 1992)", "(Yepes  Stork, 2005)", "(Falgueras Salinas, n.d.)", "(Falgueras Salinas, García González, Padial, &  Universidad de Málaga, 2003)"}, "(Piá Tarazona, n .d.)" to quote but a few.  This article does not add much to the previous ones. It is mainly intended for a non-Spanish audience,  who probably  know little about L. Polo’s philosophy. Its main value is that it based on Leonardo Polo’s explanation of his own thought. In the prologue to the first volume of ‘Antropología Transcendental’ Polo looks over his shoulder after his retirement. He considers the two volumes of ‘Antropología Transcendental to be the apex and last stone of his philosophical undertaking.  We include translation done by Derrick Esclanda of this prologue at the end of the article. The translation of the texts in the body of the article are mine. The article has two distinctive parts, the first one gives his historical background, the second is a quick analysis of his own autobiography as he gives it in the prologue to the first volume of ‘Antropología Transcendental

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  • July 11, 2013


  • Leonardo Polo's,philosophical motivation


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