Executive information systems : critical success factors for adoption and usage in Kenyan organizations. Thesis uri icon


  • Research on Executive Information Systems (EIS) in Kenya, African and rest of the world ahs been limited and even less has focused on factors associated with EIS successful usage. In recent years, a number of organizations have implemented Executive Information Systems (EIS) in order to improve the performance of their executive’s jobs. Although the use of EIS is important in executives’ work, the majority of executives are unwilling to use EIS applications because of their design defects. By using social factors, habits, and facilitation conditions variables from Triandis’ Framework, this paper adopts the extension of the Technology Acceptance Model (TAM) to derive useful variables to address the problem of low usage of EIS by executives. This paper reports on the adoption and usage of EIS by the Kenyan executives. The results suggest that executives experiences in EIS positively relates to their experiences in computer based information systems and there is a high degree of perceived usefulness, perceived ease of use as well as positive attitudes towards using EIS. Further the results suggest that executives consider social factors in using EIS in their work and facilitating conditions such as EIS development process, EIS management process and organizational conditions which are strongly related to adoption and usage of EIS by executives. The results of the frequency test of research model variables such has experience in CBIS (EXPCBIS) experience in EIS (EXPEIS), ability to use EIS (ABEIS) and the number of times to use EIS (NUEIS) are as follows : The important finding in experience in CBIS was that most respondents had been using CBIS for between 5-9 years (55.17%) followed by 0-4 years group with 24.14% (14). Findings in experience in EIS were that most respondents had been using EIS for between 0-4 years (72.41%), followed by the 5-9 years group with 25.85% . However, in terms of ability to use EIS most executives are, expert (knowledgeable) causal user with 37.93% followed by novice frequent user group with 31.03% . And it is evident that most executives use EIS 2 or 3 times a week with 37.93% followed by those who use EIS several times a week with 27.59%.